CALENDAR OF EVENTS – Even Semester 2017
for II, IV, VI, VIII, Semesters BE

Date Event
20-22th-march-2017 First series Test
27th-march-2017 Dispatch of First IA Marks
29th-march-2017 Chandramana Ugadi
14th-Apr-2017 Dr Ambedkar Jayanthi,Good Friday
15th-Apr-2017 MRIT Holiday
24-26th-Apr-2017 Second series Test
29th-Apr-2017 Basava Jayanthi
1st-May-2017 May Day
3rd-May-2017 Dispatch of Second IA Marks
18-22th-May-2017 Third series Test
26-27th-May-2017 College Day celebrations
2nd-June-2017 Last Working Day of Even Semester
5th-June-2017 Commencement of practical Examination
16th-June-2017 Commencement of Theory Examination

Any corrections later than this date shall not be entertained.